Caltagirone | Grammichele, Malandrina – Monochrome, various colors


Hand decorated ceramic vase.

Monochrome Malandrina, various colors.

h.30 cm, ø 27/17 cm

fermata Caltagirone – Grammichele collection.


Hand decorated ceramic.

There is no object exactly the same as the other.

The manufacture of this product was made with artisanal and non-industrial processes.

Small imperfections, hollows and ripples on the surface are a specific feature of the product and testify to its special craftsmanship.

Dishwasher safe (for colored).

Hand wash with mild detergent (gold-silver).


White, Black, Pink, Amaranth, Red, Orange, Acid yellow, Green, Turquoise, Bluette, Gold, Silver

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