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    Informativa sui rimborsi

    Cool but not what you - or your friend who you gifted it - expected? No strings attached.

    To request the return of one or more purchased items you have 14 days being - calculated from the day you received them - at the end of which it will no longer be possible. If you are returning the item because you no longer like it, the recipient of your gift did not appreciate it or you simply changed your mind, the shipping costs will be at your expense. If otherwise the product arrives damaged, or has defects, the costs of withdrawal and replacement are charged to us.

    In order to make the return correctly the product must not show wear signs and it must haven’t been used.

    It will therefore be necessary to write an email to with order number, articles you want to return and a reason for return (we don’t judge but we’d like to keep track of it). If you are returning the item because defective please attach demonstrative pictures. You’ll receive all the instructions to send it back by e-mail within 7 days.

    We’re sure you’ll love them at first sight but, if not, you’re totally free to send them back within 14 days.

    If the item is defective, we’ll cover the expenses. If you changed your mind we ask you to cover them to let our product find the way home.