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Waiting for the bus – Artigianato per sognatori

Waiting for the bus is a fascinating journey re-discovering the richest Italian craftsmanship, from North to South, in the search of products and material, in which the “Made in Italy” is still a tradition, a search, a passion, a labour of the hands that can transform raw materials into products of great charm born from ancient stories of rare beauty passed down through the centuries. The Wftb catalogue is a contemporary notebook through which it is possible to reach the most remote places of the Italian peninsula. We use artisan knowledge to produce daring and innovative projects respecting the authentic techniques passed down by the local craftsmen. The resulting products are a meeting between piece of design that evaluates traditional methods and innovative thinking, looking to the ethics of production and the overall quality of the project.

The journey, which began in Sicily, with the Caltagirone Collection, then moved to Vietri, Gubbio and Venice as well as Lissone and Milan in Lombardy. Lastly, we arrived to Andria, Puglia.

The project is in search of an answer to the risks involved in mass production with the desire to protect craft production processes and local identities. A journey that reinterpret local "souvenirs" in a contemporary key. The challenge is to keep the product’s millenary history intact while modernizing the look and the feel, without losing its memory. Know-how as a bridge between past and present. A tradition that becomes design and creates a timeless aesthetic without boundaries.




Germana Scapellato - wftb

Germana Scapellato

Sicilian by birth she has lived and worked in Milan for 25 years. After studying Law, she attended the Istituto Europeo di Design. In 2014 she founded Waiting for the bus, where she merge her great passions: travels, art and the home, place of the heart and to live.


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