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    Lombardia / Lissone

    Lombardia / Lissone


    Made in Italy

    Material: wood, natural beech with wax finish.
    Year: 2017

    Tavolini-iniMade in Italy

    For woodworking in Italy, no place is better than Lissone, a city historically acknowledged as the “furniture capital.” In the interwar period, architects and interior designers of the rationalist school found producers capable of flawlessly realizing their projects in the Lissone area and in 1933, the Triennale di Milano, was their first prestigious showcase. From Prototypes made to a design they soon went into production in a series destined for the public, thus making this district world famous in the furniture and furnishings market.

    Small tables that grow and become great companions in our everyday life. No more legs on the ground but placed directly on tables, desks, sideboards, bedside tables... wherever the need arises for a surface on which to place something so that it can be admired and valued up until they themselves become authentic sculptures.

    Artigianato per sognatori

    All our products are designed and made in Italy

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