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    Puglia / Andria

    Puglia / Andria

    American placemat

    Made in Italy craftsmanship

    Material: linen 100%
    Year: 2022 

    Andria placematMade in Italy

    Castel del Monte, at Andria, is the new stage of the journey undertaken to discover the purest essence of the Italian territories. The search for an aesthetic in which attention is focused on a single element that became the starting point to give body and meaning to the project. A simple and recognizable element that is repeated to form the narrative work. With the Andria Collection the octagonal plan of the Castle is transformed into a kaleidoscope, a graphic play of octagons in chromatic juxtaposition.

    And so the geometry of the Castle arrives to the tables of our homes, with the Castel del Monte placemats, in pure linen, in which the colours of the earth, olive trees and Apulian stones overlap.

    A Wastemark certified fabric, within a system of circular economy that values excellence and fights waste through the choice of fabrics "forgotten" in warehouses.

    Artigianato per sognatori

    All our products are designed and made in Italy

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