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Milano Collection

Set six + set two ceramic concentric cylinders varying sizes and height inside one another.

Made in Italy, hand made and hand decorated.

Material: ceramic
Year: 2019

Manufacturing of this product has been realized with hand crafted procedures and not industrial. Small imperfections, subsidence and ripples of the surface are deliberately present and they are a feature of the product, proving the hand-made manufacturing procedure.

Set six + set two ceramic concentric cylinders varying sizes and height inside one anotherMade in Italy, handmade and hand decorated

La Cerchia (The Circle) Collection was born as a unique object, inspired by the concentric streets of Milan.

An embrace that encircles the city, in Milan this is what the “Circonvallazione” is reverberating like an echo, between the circle of water of the Navigli and that of the asphalt or between the ancient remains of the Spanish walls and the Bastioni.

One heart within the other that serves everything, crossing ages and functions. From the largest diameter to the smaller ones everything is contained in a single ceramic object: they are bowls, plates, trays. Cylinders varying in colour and sizes, coming together in a single harmonious composition of different hues: those cold as water for Cerchia Navigli; warm tones such as shades of red for Cerchia Bastioni and neutral contemporary shades of white for Cerchia Circonvallazione.

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All our products are designed and made in Italy

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