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    Veneto / Venezia

    Veneto / Venezia

    Under serving dish/tray and coasters.

    Made in Italy

    Material: copper 
    Year: 2017

    Under serving dish/tray and coastersMade in Italy

    Copper sheet cut and curved with a die, according to the shapes of the architectural elements that distinguish the architecture of sixteenth-century Venetian palaces.

    In the city of the Serenissima, where everything acquires value and charm, the first Ghetto was also born; indeed, its name stems precisely from the Venetian word “geto”, pronounced “gheto”, indicating a flow, a foundry with molten metal. This was the name of this Venetian island famous for its foundries: “el geto de rame del nostro comun” (our city’s copper foundry). In the first ghetto, the first molten copper in Venice, that over the centuries, this metal was able to be forged and so clad both works and architecture.

    The Copper. That of the roofs of Venice and its eaves: a material always poised between light and water, Just like its Serenissima city. In Wftb’s interpretation, the most ancient of metals continues its story: it becomes a flat sheet, a surface hovering between the food and the table, a tray, a served dish, a table mat.

    It’s the pleasure of a whim, akin to the Venetian “cicchetti” (snacks) that accompany “ombre” (glasses) of wine. It’s a journey seen as a meeting of cultures that have always animated the Venetian city. It’s the history of Venice’s façades that are translated into storytelling punches on the luminescent brown surface. Architecture that becomes dishes.

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    All our products are designed and made in Italy

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